Gigi the gazelle. Bedtime story for kids, nursery tale

Once upon a time in the African savannah, there was a gazelle named Gigi. Gigi was known for being the fastest gazelle in all the land. She loved to run and often challenged her friends to races, leaving them in the dust.

But one day, Gigi had an accident while racing with her friend, Zara. She tripped and fell into a mud puddle, completely covering herself. Embarrassed and feeling defeated, Gigi ran away from her friends and hid in a nearby cave.

Feeling sorry for herself, she heard a strange noise as she lay in the cave. It sounded like a group of animals laughing. Curious, she peeked out of the cave and saw a group of hyenas gathered around a campfire, telling jokes and stories.

Gigi had never heard such funny jokes before and couldn't help but laugh along with the hyenas. They welcomed her into their group and soon she became their favorite guest.

Every night, Gigi would sneak away from her gazelle friends and join the hyenas for their nightly gatherings. They would tell jokes, sing songs, and even dance around the campfire. Gigi had never felt so happy and alive.

One night, while Gigi was dancing with the hyenas, she suddenly realized that she had completely forgotten about her love for running. She had been so caught up in the fun and laughter that she had neglected her passion.

Feeling guilty, Gigi told the hyenas that she needed to leave and return to her herd. The hyenas were sad to see her go but knew that she needed to follow her heart.

Gigi returned to her herd and apologized to her friends for running away. She also told them about her adventures with the hyenas and how they had helped her find her joy in life again.

From that day on, Gigi became known not only for her speed but also for her contagious laughter and love for life. And every once in a while, she would sneak away to visit her hyena friends and join in on their nightly gatherings, always returning with a smile on her face.

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