Toppy The Goose, bedtime story for kids, Nursery Tale

Once upon a time, in a farm far away, there was a goose named Toppy. Toppy was no ordinary goose. She liked to dance and sing, even in the evening. Every night, when the other animals on the farm were getting ready to sleep, Toppy would start singing her favorite song at the top of her lungs. One day, the farmer couldn't take it anymore and decided to talk to Toppy. "Toppy, you need to stop singing at bedtime. The other animals need to sleep," the farmer said. Toppy was sad, but promised to behave. That night, Toppy went to bed early, but she couldn't fall asleep. She tossed and turned, feeling restless. Suddenly, she had an idea! She decided to have a dance party in her dreams. As she closed her eyes, she imagined a disco ball, colorful lights, and her favorite music. She started dancing and singing, and soon she was joined by all the other animals in the farm. The cows started breakdancing, the pigs were doing the cha-cha, and the sheep were doing the conga. Even the farmer couldn't resist and started dancing too. The party went on all night, and everyone had a blast. When Toppy woke up in the morning, she felt refreshed and happy. She looked at the other animals, and they all smiled and winked at her. From that day on, Toppy would have her dance party in her dreams, and everyone was happy. The end.
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